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Storytelling for Business by Jamie Jensen

Connect with clients on a deeper level through stories

Award-winning writer and consultant Jamie Jensen will show you how to craft a brand story that’s relevant to your business. She’ll walk you through the four main types of stories you can use and explain how each one can yield impressive results. In this class, you’ll learn how to:

Figure out when and where to use story in your copy and content. Decide which story to use depending on your needs and goals. Create characters, objectives and obstacles for your story. Change your story to keep it fresh and interesting. Identify with your customer when telling your story. Take on the role of expert or mentor to convince your reader to buy. New! by CreativeLive. Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f85o  

Create Your Ultimate Business Plan by Carolina Rogoll

A business plan is an essential roadmap for business success. Carolina Rogoll has been successfully leading small and large businesses and building brands for over a decade.

In this short class, she will be walking through step-by-step on how to create a business plan using the easy to use template she has put together. By the end of this class, you will have a business plan you can share, reference, and start using right away. Thumbs up by CreativeLive. Learn more here: http://shrsl.com/1f8fk

How to Be an Awesome Boss by Justin Kerr

Justin will guide you through the complex, sometimes delicate processes of hiring, firing, motivating, inspiring, promoting, and even partying with the people you work with. You’ll get helpful and fun lists of do’s and don’ts that are easy to implement so you can become the kind of leader you’ve always wanted to be—respected, admired, and successful. You’ll learn how to:

Structure your daily, weekly, and monthly meetings to make being a boss easy and foolproof. Treat people like human beings rather than employees. Make your team love you and motivate them to be successful. Say thank you, give feedback, and fire someone. Onboard as a boss at a new company. Thumbs up by CreativeLive. Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f8fp  

Protect and Profit from Your Intellectual Property by Rachel Rodgers

Rachel Rodgers will explain how intellectual property works, how to quickly and easily protect your creations, and a host of ways to make more money from what you’ve already created. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Conducting an IP audit

  • Licensing your work

  • Protecting your copyright and trademarks. Thumbs up from CreativeLive. Learn more here: 


The Lost Art of Closing by  Anthony Iannarino

To close or not to close, that is the question: Whether it’s smarter to use pushy tricks for the final ask or forgo the hard sell for a softer approach. For people who work in sales, figuring out the best way to close the deal is a real conundrum. Best-selling author Iannarino has come up with an innovative approach to closing that’s geared toward the new technological and social realities of our time. Instead of looking at closing as the hardest part of the sales process, Iannarino shows how it can be the easiest. The key is to lead your customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall, including getting them to commit to investing in the process, building consensus and resolving concerns. Highly recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more here:       http://shrsl.com/1f8fy

Make More Money and Discover Your Worth
by Sue Bryce and Tiffany Angeles

Join Tiffany and Sue for this deep dive into rewriting the story of your business and speaking your value in business and in life. In this class, you’ll discover how to price yourself, how to bring in better clients, and promote your brand, how to turn your personal hurdles into an advantage, and rewrite the negative story you’ve been telling yourself, and also how to identify unconscious ways you’ve been driving money away, and unlock secrets that will help you realize key goals and dreams. Outstanding recommendations by CreativeLive. Learn more here:   http://shrsl.com/1f8fy  

Communicate Like a Boss by Dia Bondi

Renowned communications strategist and coach Dia Bondi will help you develop your reputation as the go-to communicator in your organization by showing you how to not only say the right words, but deliver them from the heart. You’ll learn how to: be the most compelling person in the room without being “too much,” elevate your impact through content choices., come off as genuine and authentic when you speak or present. Overcome common issues such as rushing and lack of organization. Start off strong and end with a bang. Thumbs up by CreativeLive. Learn more here:   http://shrsl.com/1f8gk   

Launch a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign by Christopher Hawker

Crowdfunding is becoming a more widespread way for passionate entrepreneurs to fund their projects, and yet the process of creating a campaign that engages, sells, and excels can be overwhelming. Learn how to: develop, set and reach your funding goals, craft a compelling campaign page to help sell your idea, make a compelling video and build buzz on social media, and attract new backers and develop stand-out marketing for your campaign. Excellent recommendations by CreativeLive. Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f8gq  

Hooked: How to Build Habit-forming Products by Nir Eyal

Nir's primary focus is helping businesses unlock the power of habits. He’ll teach you how to build products and experiences that are inherently “sticky.”  You’ll learn: the psychology of triggers and how to build them into your product/service, how to use variable rewards to increase engagement, the stages of habit formation and how to optimize them for better retention. He’ll show you how to apply those insights to your business – no matter what kind of service or products you sell. You’ll also learn about the common design patterns of habit-forming products. If you want to lower the cost of doing business by increasing the number of repeat customers you work with, don’t miss Hooked. Highly recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more here:     http://shrsl.com/1f8gv   

Find the Right Partner to Grow Your Business by Kare Anderson

Kare shares eight proven methods for partnering smart. You’ll learn about the ways in which partnering with complementary companies can increase your company’s visibility and profitability. You’ll learn how to attract the right partners to your brand, as well as the kinds of partnerships you should avoid. Kare will cover ways to identify other organizations and resources that your clients like and trust, and how to use those resources to your company’s advantage. You’ll also build strategies to ensure that your first partnership — and those that follow — exceeds your expectations. A new course by CreativeLive!! Learn more here:   http://shrsl.com/1f8h8  

Creating and Leading Incredible Teams by Shane Snow

World-renowned speaker, author and entrepreneur Shane Snow will show you how to defy the odds and put together the perfect combination of people to make real progress. This course does a deep dive into the counter-intuitive art and science of breakthrough collaboration—from partnerships to giant enterprises. Shane will tear down the huge, common myths about teamwork, culture and leadership, and uncover a framework that will help you uplevel your team building and leadership skills for the rest of your life. New by CreativeLive!! Learn more here:   http://shrsl.com/1f8he     

How to Hire, Train and Manage a Rock Star Growth Team for Your Business  by Ryan Deiss 

Develop a unified team that will drive your business forward. This course will take you through the step-by-step process of building a growth team, including how to establish an organizational structure, identify metrics and KPIs, and create meeting agendas. You'll learn how to: identify the four roles and eight critical skills that define the modern growth team, audit your existing team and fill in the gaps, structure your team to maximize communication and accountability, prioritize growth ideas and align your team to the same strategic goal, develop the structure of growth meetings and decide on their frequency, who should be in attendance and eliminate the conflict that's inherent between sales and marketing teams. Thumbs up by CreativeLive. Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f8hl  

How Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers Master Productivity by Tim Ferris

Tim Ferriss, bestselling author of recent #1 New York Times bestseller Tools of Titans and The 4-Hour Workweek, asks the key unexpected questions to uncover all the small changes that add up to better habits, routines, and systems to make life easier. Join Tim Ferris for a short exercise on how to be ten times more productive. He’ll show you how to do it and speak to how he did the same for himself. Thumbs up by CreativeLive. Learn more here:    http://shrsl.com/1f8hl  

Win Clients With Binge Worthy Proposals by Melissa Cassera

If you want to close the deal, your proposals should read like a page-turning novel, not a dull, drab summary of what your business does. Marketing consultant Melissa Cassera will show you how to use creative storytelling techniques to write proposals that wow your readers and make them excited about working with you. You’ll learn how to: master the pre-proposal conversation to uncover exactly what your client wants, communicate the problem, solution and price in a captivating way, structure your proposal so it reads like a bestseller, create a customized proposal rather than using a template, weave in relevant client success stories.​ New by CreativeLive! Learn more here:   http://shrsl.com/1f8hx  

Fund Your Business for Growth by Susan Schreter

Susan covers everything you need to know to fund a business from inception onward. You’ll learn about how to safely borrow start-up funds from friends and family, and how to research and apply for loans, including micro-loans and SBA loans. You’ll also learn about a wide variety of funding types and the requirements or restrictions attached to each of them. From angel investments to venture capital to crowdsourcing, Susan demystifies potentially confusing funding concepts, giving you the skills you need to confidently grow your business. Highly recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f8i2

How to Improve Your SEO by Gary Hughs

An SEO strategy that works. SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most effective tools for identifying and connecting with new clients — but it only works if you know how to do it. Gary Hughes will share his experience and years in IT and photography to bring it all together for you. In this class, you’ll learn how to build an SEO strategy by choosing the right keywords, optimizing your website and building relevant links to drive traffic to your site.

Very popular by CreativeLive. Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f8i6  

Leading Innovation: How a Series of Small Steps Can Lead to Big Success by Shawn Hunter

This course on leadership innovation provides you with a clear roadmap for creating an environment that inspires trust, cohesiveness, agility and innovation. You’ll learn the simple actions you can do every day to bring out the best in yourself and those around you. You’ll learn how to:​ create learning goals instead of performance goals, use social diversity and social risk to drive innovative thinking, get rid of fear among your team members, escape the trap of “arrested decay.” Turn great ideas into concrete actions and develop your own leadership narrative.

Highly recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more:   http://shrsl.com/1f8i9

Creating an Effective Developer Interview Process by Gayle McDowell

This course covers all the specifics you'll need to know about coding interviews. It will start with an overview of the hiring process and dive into more detail about types of interview questions (behavioral, knowledge, algorithms/coding, and design). You will learn how to create a hiring process that is efficient, sets a high and consistent bar, and attracts strong candidates. You will lean: differences between assessing senior candidates and junior candidates, the goals and limitations of technology-specific questions, selecting and asking appropriate algorithm questions, and mechanisms to evaluate coding skills, including whiteboards, laptops and code assessment tools. Thumbs up with CreativeLive! Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f8ig  

How to Secure Your Digital Life by Marc Goodman
In One Day Learn to Protect Yourself and Your Money

Are you ready for a proven, insanely simple plan to lock down your digital life, defend yourself against hackers and reduce your cyber risk by up to 85%? How to Secure Your Digital Life is a one-day program that has helped tens of thousands of people and can help you finally achieve peace of mind for all your online activities and digital life. With cyber attacks at an all-time high—and rising every day—you owe it to yourself and your family to learn the critical art of cyber self-defense. If you don’t protect yourself, who will? Big Thumbs Up by CreativeLive! Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f8kw  

Worth it: Negotiation for Creatives by Ted Leonhardt

Core negotiation skills are essential for creative professionals, but negotiating can be fraught with fear, anxiety, and uncertainties. Join Ted Leonhardt to uncover the negotiating tactics that allow you to build the power and respect that lead to financial and creative freedom.

Throughout this course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the common anxieties and vulnerabilities around negotiation and build the skills you need to keep those fears from holding you back. You’ll explore negotiation not as a bargaining session but as a collaboration in which you guide those you are negotiating with. Highly recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f8l4


Secrets From Silicon Valley by "A" List Business Leaders

Just as Hollywood implies celebrity, Silicon Valley is synonymous with innovation. Attracting the greatest business minds in the world, Silicon Valley is the world’s startup epicenter. Now, we offer you direct access to the pioneering minds behind this powerful community. Whether your business employs one person or fifty, you’ll learn how to survive, grow, and thrive directly from entrepreneurs who have done just that. After two days of unprecedented access to the secrets of Silicon Valley, you will understand the strategies behind the greatest success stories of our time:

Tim Ferriss, Nirav Tolia, Chris Guillebeau, Glenn Kelman, Toni Schneider, Pamela Slim, Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha, Gary Swart, Spencer Rascoff, Sarah Leary, David Goldberg, Guy Kawasaki, Megan Smith, Niniane Wang.  NEW by CreativeLive!! Learn more here:   http://shrsl.com/1f8l9  

Easy Graphic Design with Your Business with Canva by Matt Stevenson

Beautiful graphics are essential for running a thriving business and Canva offers users a free and easy way to create them. You’ll get to know the Canva interface and how to take full advantage of its powerful features. Combine images and text, build graphics for social media, share and download projects. You’ll also learn about the basic principles of design and how to create graphics that are as effective as they are beautiful. Recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more here:   http://shrsl.com/1f8lg    

Work Remotely: Thrive in a Job from Home by Darren Murph

Working remotely removes a massive inefficiency and enables you to live and work with more flexibility. In this class, you'll discover the tricks to setting yourself up for success in a remote role and how to ensure a smooth transition in the workplace. Learn how to advocate for a remote role, cut out unnecessary distractions, perfect your home office and improve your personal communication skills. Thumbs up by CreativeLive. Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f8lk  


How to Coach a Keynote by Dia Bondi

Become the communications coach your clients need. Leading communications coach Dia Bondi shares her proven methodology for helping clients harness their power, gain control of the situation and have more impact on stage. You’ll learn to coach courageously using a repeatable framework that will help you go from valuable to invaluable. you’ll learn how to: identify an entry point for a coaching engagement, planned or unplanned, recognize clients’ deficiencies and negative behaviors so they can overcome them, get your client to incorporate your feedback into their behavior and know what to listen for when shaping an on-the-spot coaching engagement.

Thumbs up by CreativeLive. Learn more here:    http://shrsl.com/1f8lq 

Your Network is Your Net Worth by Porter Gale

Networking is essential to the success of any business no matter how big or small — but how do you know you’re making the right connections? Join Porter for a two-day workshop covering everything you need to know to effectively and efficiently expand your network. Porter will help you identify the barriers in your way, and teach you how to overcome them by harnessing your unique purpose and passion. Learn the essential tools and technologies needed to create compelling, targeted networking strategies. This class will supply you with job search tools, content strategies, and speaking tips that will help you go after what you want and expand your network with confidence. Thumbs up by CreativeLive. Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f8ly

How to Write the Perfect Email by Justin Kerr

Despite the popularity of messaging tools like Slack, HipChat, and Basecamp, email remains the single most important means of communication in corporate America. And yet, people love to bash email, most likely because they’re simply not good at writing them. Being able to write an effective email is a critical skill for anyone wanting to be successful at their job. Best-selling author and executive Justin Kerr breaks down the do’s and don'ts of email writing (e.g., never say “EOD” and always “Reply All”) and how good emails with bullet points hold the secret to an optimal work/life balance. You’ll learn how to: win an email fight, et replies to your emails, set effective deadlines, design a quality email, avoid using attachments. NEW by CreativeLive! Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f8m8  

25 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business by Barry Moltz

You'll learn processes you can put in place to build and sustain a profitable small business. You’ll get hands-on, practical advice for solving the real problems business owners face every day. Barry will cover customer acquisition, vendor and employee management, and marketing strategies (that actually work). You’ll also learn the fundamentals of small business finance and how you can reduce costs and increase profits without compromising on quality. Highly recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more here:   http://shrsl.com/1f8md  

Personal Branding for Creative Professionals by Dori Clark

This course will teach you the skills you need to build an online and offline brand, presence, and portfolio. You’ll learn exactly how to make a rock solid first impression and how to craft and convey the message you want others to hear about your style and your work. Dorie Clark will teach you how to make the most of interviews, introductions, webinars, and more. You’ll create strategies for connecting with the right people at the right time and learn how to use those connections to nurture and grow your brand. Highly recommended by Creative Live. Learn more here:   http://shrsl.com/1f8md   

Automate and Outsource Your Work by Ari Meisel

Discover What Work You Can Set and Forget! Ari explains his systematic way for accomplishing the things you need to do so you can open up more time for the things you want to do. You’ll learn to optimize, automate and outsource your professional tasks so you can focus on the work you do best. you’ll learn how to: figure out which tasks you need to do yourself and which can be automated or outsourced, simplify the workday by eliminating repetitive tasks. error proof your work, discover all of the automation and outsourcing options at your disposal, find, onboard and train a virtual assistant and establish processes and communication tools to optimize your work with your virtual assistant. NEW by CreativeLive!! Learn more here:   http://shrsl.com/1f8mr

Thinking Like a Book Designer by Jessica Helfand and Michael Bierut

Print is not dead, and in this class you’ll learn about the elements that go into designing a book. Jessica Helfand and Michael Beirut are renowned designers and experts in the field of design, and in this class you have the chance to learn from their years of expertise! If you’re interested in designing a book, personally or professionally, this class will teach you what you need to get started. Very highly recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f8mv  

How to Make Infographics in Illustrator by Jason Hoppe

In this intensive course, Jason, Adobe Certified Expert, teaches you to use Adobe Illustrator like a pro—no graphic design skills required. Whether you're a designer or not, you’ll learn to create icons using basic shapes, fills, strokes, and textures; learn how to choose easy-to-read fonts and typefaces that make a statement and tie ideas together; and build a wireframe for your layout and transform it into a finished infographic. You’ll know everything there is to know about using Adobe Illustrator to create infographics that engage viewers, share information, and tell stories.

Very highly recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f8n1   

Turn Your Etsy Shop Into a Sales Machine by Lisa Jacobs

To make your online storefront irresistible to customers, you have to learn to showcase your products effectively. Join creative marketing guru Lisa Jacobs for three in-depth sessions on how to use Etsy as it’s meant to be used - as a sales platform. You’ll learn: what it takes to get your Etsy shop found online, how to avoid common Etsy mistakes that are hurting your sales and how to fine-tune your storefront to attract visitors and convert them into buyers and more.

You’ll learn to give your business new energy, especially if you’re struggling to stand out in the crowded online marketplace. Highly recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more here:    http://shrsl.com/1f8n7  

Etsy 101: Launch Your Handmade Shop by Marla Miyashiro

Etsy® is a great way for crafters to sell goods online without having to navigate the complexities of building their own e-commerce site. Learn the absolute best way to set up your own successful shop. Marlo has a deep knowledge of the Etsy platform and she’ll coach you through every aspect of getting started. You’ll learn how to: set up payments and shop policies, begin branding your store, create enticing listings, make your first (and future) sales. Marlo will offer tips on taking great photos for your Etsy® listings and guide you on best practices for descriptions and pricing.

Highly recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f8nh  

The New Music Biz: Bands, Brands, Managers & Tours
By Kevin Lyman- Build A Career in the Modern Music Industry!

If you are serious about setting yourself up for a lifetime career in music you’ll want to watch this course. Kevin will set you on track for developing and sustaining a career that lasts. If you want to make a name for yourself and make an impact in the music industry. Kevin is the founder of the Vans Warped Tour, Rockstar Mayhem Fest and the catalyst behind an impressive range of successful projects and artists. He’ll introduce you to your (many, many) options for building a career. Kevin will talk to musicians about getting on festival tours and about operations jobs for people who are looking to get in on the business side. You’ll learn how to build and maintain a professional brand that will open doors for you and help connect you to the right people.

Highly recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f8nl  

Lessons on Leadership by Peter Voogd

You know what you want: money, freedom and adventure. But sometimes it feels like you're on a treadmill-- you're working hard, but your goals don't seem any closer. You’ll learn how to: achieve clarity on what activities yield the highest results for your business, gain confidence in your decision making, knowing and trusting they are the right decisions, design a compelling future for yourself, create a circle of influence, develop a one-page game-changing productivity plan, calculate the real value of your time. Peter has used his formula for success as a serial entrepreneur in 7 different industries, trained over 4500 entrepreneurs and built an 8 million dollar sales organization. Highly recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more here:           http://shrsl.com/1f90q  

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Take a giant step up in your business career and start teaching online courses to business owners and entrepreneurs! Earn extra income or your primary income by writing and creating courses that show your passion and expertise. You can create courses from anywhere on your laptop or desktop computer, and make an impact in the business world. Learn more about what BusinessAcademy.com has to offer you. 


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Take a giant step up in your business career and start teaching online courses to business owners and entrepreneurs! Earn extra income or your primary income by writing and creating courses that show your passion and expertise. You can create courses from anywhere on your laptop or desktop computer, and make an impact in the business world. Learn more about what BusinessAcademy.com has to offer you. 

Teach for BusinessAcademy.com

Take a giant step up in your business career and start teaching online courses to business owners and entrepreneurs! Earn extra income or your primary income by writing and creating courses that show your passion and expertise. You can create courses from anywhere on your laptop or desktop computer, and make an impact in the business world. Learn more about what BusinessAcademy.com has to offer you. 


Your Amazing Business Course Here!

Take a giant step up in your business career and start teaching online courses to business owners and entrepreneurs! Earn extra income or your primary income by writing and creating courses that show your passion and expertise. You can create courses from anywhere on your laptop or desktop computer, and make an impact in the business world. Learn more about what BusinessAcademy.com has to offer you. 

Teach for BusinessAcademy.com

Take a giant step up in your business career and start teaching online courses to business owners and entrepreneurs! Earn extra income or your primary income by writing and creating courses that show your passion and expertise. You can create courses from anywhere on your laptop or desktop computer, and make an impact in the business world. Learn more about what BusinessAcademy.com has to offer you. 



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