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BusinessAcademy Course Catalog

Business Mastery Courses

Business Mastery Courses (1)

  • Legal Steps Every Business Owner Should Take
    by Christina Scalera


  • Book Yourself Solid and Get More Clients
    by Michael Port


  • 25 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business
    by Barry Moltz

  • Six Months to Six Figures
    by Peter Voogd


  • Build a Stand Out Business
    by Tara Gentile


  • Unstoppable: Inner Power for Entrepreneurs
    by Daniel Dipiazza 


  • How to Break the Habit of Self-doubt and Build Real Confidence
    by Mel Robbins


  • Start a Profitable Online Business by Lewis Howes
    by James Wedmore, Derek Halpern


  • Make More Money and Discover Your Worth 
    by Sue Bryce & Tiffany Angeles


  • Command the Fees You Deserve
    by Ilise Bunun 


  • Design Your Business Blueprint
    by Melissa Galt


  • How to Build and Market Products that Change People's Lives
    by Tara-Nicholle Nelson


  • Turn Your Talent Into a Business in 12 Steps
    by Beate Chalette


  • Become a Better and Funnier Speaker
    by David Nihill


  • Start Late, Finish Rich
    by Richard Bach


  • How to Make Money
    by Ramit Sethi 


  • Goal Setting and Planning Your Stand Out Business
    by Tara Gentile


  • Make Money Making Art
    by Ann Rea


  • Value-pricing and Business Models for Creative Entrepreneurs
    by Tara Gentile 


  • Turn Customers into Fans in the First 100 Days
    by Joey Coleman


  • The Power of Negotiation
    by Vanessa Van Edwards


  • Driving Traffic to Your Online Business
    by Neil Patel


  • The Entrepreneur's Guide to Pitching Clients and Getting Sales
    by Peter Corbett

  • Make Your Website Work for You!
    by Devin Duncan

  • Time Management 101
    by Mike Vardy


  • How to Sell the Way Your Customer Buys
    by Shari Levitin


  • Freelancing 101: Turn Your Side Hustle into Cash
    by Andrew Whelan

  • The Personal MBA; The Foundation of Effective Business
    by Josh Kaufman


  • Run a Better, Leaner, Faster Business
    by John C. Murphy


  • The Art of Networking
    by Jordan Harbinger, Johnny Dzubak, AJ Harbinger


  • Legal Survival Guide
    by Craig Heidemann

Business Mastery Courses (2)

  • Storytelling for Business
    by Jamie Jensen


  • Create Your Ultimate Business Plan
    by Carolina Hogoll


  • How to Be an Awesome Boss
    by Justin Kerr


  • Protect and Profit from Your Intellectual Property
    by Rachel Rodgers


  • The Lost Art of Closing 
    by Anthony Iannarino


  • Make More Money and Discover Your Worth 
    by Sue Bryce and Tiffany Angeles

  • Communicate Like a Boss 
    by Dia Bondi


  • Launch a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
    by Christopher Hawker


  • Hooked: How to Build Habit-forming Product 
    by Nir Eyal


  • Find the Right Partner to Grow Your Business 
    by Kare Anderson


  • Creating and Leading Incredible Teams 
    by Shane Snow


  • How to Hire, Train and Manage a Rock Star Growth Team for Your Business  by Ryan Deiss 

  • How Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers Master Productivity by Tim Ferris

  • Win Clients With Binge Worthy Proposals
    by Melissa Cassera


  • Fund Your Business for Growth
    by Susan Schreter


  • How to Improve Your SEO
    by Gary Hughs


  • Leading Innovation: How a Series of Small Steps Can Lead to Big Success by Shawn Hunter

  • Creating an Effective Developer Interview Process 
    by Gayle McDowell


  • How to Secure Your Digital Life
    by Marc Goodman


  • Worth it: Negotiation for Creatives
    by Ted Leonhardt


  • Secrets From Silicon Valley by "A" List Business Leaders

  • Easy Graphic Design with Your Business with Canva 
    by Matt Stevenson


  • Work Remotely: Thrive in a Job from Home
    by Darren Murph


  • How to Coach a Keynote
    by Dia Bondi


  • Your Network is Your Net Worth
    by Porter Gale


  • How to Write the Perfect Email
    by Justin Kerr


  • Personal Branding for Creative Professionals 
    by Dori Clark


  • Automate and Outsource Your Work
    by Ari Meisel


  • Thinking Like a Book Designer
    by Jessica Helfand and Michael Bierut


  • How to Make Infographics in Illustrator
    by Jason Hoppe


  • Turn Your Etsy Shop Into a Sales Machine
    by Lisa Jacobs


  • Etsy 101: Launch Your Handmade Shop 
    by Marla Miyashiro


  • The New Music Biz: Bands, Brands, Managers & Tours 
    by Kevin Lyman
  • Create an Instagram Paid Ad Strategy
    by Morgan Sutton


  • Start Your Profitable Podcast and Build a Brand
    by Lewis Howes


  • Launch a Successful Podcast
    by Kris Gilbertson


  • Hype Your Brand on Instagram

    by Tom Breeze

  • Reach All-Star Status on LinkedIn
    by Marcus Murphy


  • Turn Clicks Into Customers on FaceBook
    by Billy Gene


  • Power Your Podcast With Storytelling
    by Alex Blumberg


  • Using Pinterest to Grow Your Business 
    by Alexandra Evjen


  • Vlog Like a Boss
    by Amy Schmittauer


  • Build a Social Media Plan That Actually Makes Money
    by Ryan Deiss


  • Build a Fan Base on YouTube
    by Sunny Lenarduzzi


  • Creating Effective paid Ads on FaceBook
    by Billy Gene


  • Growing Your Audience on Instagram
    by Pei Ketron


  • Building Your Audience With Live Video
    by Casey Zeman


  • Plan a Podcast: Good Ideas to Great Episodes
    by Jeff Emtman


  • Grow Your Business with Snapchat
    by Inna Semenyuk


  • Turn Your Expertise Into a Podcast
    by Cal Peternell & Christina Loring

  • How to Advertise on Pinterest: Social Media Training 
    by Pinterest


  • How to Book and Prep Podcast Guests
    by Jordan Habringer


  • Connect with Your Customers on Social Media
    by Erin Dollar

See more courses

Marketing, Promotion &

Public Relations Mastery Courses

  • Building Your Audience with Live Video
    by Casey Zeman


  • Market, Launch and Sell Your Next Big Thing
    by Tara Gentile

  • Branding Strategies to Grow Your Business

    by Jasmine Star

  • Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing
    by April Bowles-Olin


  • Smart PR for Artists and Entrepreneurs
    by Ryan Holiday


  • Master Video Marketing for Your Business
    by Lou Bortone


  • Building Your Brand
    by Porter Gale


  • No-Nonsense Publicity
    by Andreea Ayers


  • Duct Tape Marketing
    by John Jantsch


  • Launch a Profitable Digital Marketing Plan
    by Ryan Deiss


  • Personal Branding for Creative Professionals
    by Dorie Clark


  • Effective Email and Newsletter Marketing
    by Jeff Goins


  • Create a Marketing Plan and Grow Your Standout Business
    by Tara Gentile


  • How to Create Marketing Materials for Small Business
    by Erica Gamet


  • Sales, Sales, Sales: Why People Buy
    by Tamara Lackey


  • Simple PR: Pitch Yourself (Your Product) 
    by Brigitte Lyons


  • Become a Working Artist
    by Lisa Congdon


  • Branding 101: The Complete Toolkit
    by Danielle McWaters


  • A Brand Called YOU!
    by Debbie Millman


  • Create an Effective Wholesale Catalog
    by Katie Hunt 


  • Secrets of Selling at Craft Fairs: How to Get In, Make Sales,
    and Grow Your Business by Nicole Stevenson

  • "Contest Rules" Run Great Promotions
    by Mei Pak

When you choose a Business Mastery course at you are choosing an education that teaches you real world tips, tricks, strategies and secrets from expert educators who have worked in the industry for many years. With the right instruction and execution, a small business owner can turn their business into a dynamic Money Machine.


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  • Powerful Communication Owns the Room
    by Bill Hoogterp


  • Total Focus
    by Brandon Webb


  • The Art of Persuasion
    by Jay Heinrichs


  • Stress is Optional
    by Cynthia Ackrill


  • The Productive Life
    by Chris Bailey


  • Ditch Your Day Job
    by Michele Ward


  • The Art of Meeting and Greeting People
    by Daniel Post Senning


  • Overcome Fear to Get What You Want
    by Noah Kagan


  • Build Your Network and Dream Career
    by J. Kelly Hoey


  • Embrace the Ugly: How to Break Through What's Holding You Back
    in Business by Kim Werker


  • Improve Your Presentations with Improv Thinking
    by Kimberly Maclean, Sammy Wegent

  • Lead and Attend Effective Meetings
    by Jason Womack


  • Building  Your Authority Platform
    by Beate Chaelette 


  • Be Bold, Resilient and Better Than Ever
    by Tabatha Coffey


  • The Power of Body Language
    by Vanessa Van Edwards


  • Stop Making Excuses
    by Gary John Bishop


  • Heroic Public Speaking
    by Michael Port and Amy Port


  • Searching for the Creative Spark
    by Julieanne Kost and Chris Orwig


  • The Power of Habits
    by Art Markman


  • Lessons on Leadership
    by Peter Voogd

  • How to Write and Publish an ebook
    by Tara Gentile


  • Write Your Book: Start Strong and Get it Done!
    by Jennie Nash


  • Sell Your First 1000 books
    by Tim Grahl


  • How to Write a Blog Post that Drives Traffic
    by Darren Murph


  • How to Create Addictive Content
    by Melissa Cassera


  • Writing Bios that Get Noticed
    by Melissa Cassera


  • Starving to Successful; How to Become a Full Time Writer
    by Jeff Goins


  • How to Land a Literary Agent
    by Jennie Nash


  • Self Publishing for the Entrepreneur
    by Jennie Nash


  • Copyright, Trademark and Intellectual Property for Designers by Rachel Rodgers

  • Wired for Story: How to Become a Story Genius
    by Lisa Cron


  • Develop a Creative Mindset and Write
    by Grant Faulkner

  • Learn about Creative and Leisure Courses to assist you with personal growth, personal development and creativity from our Affiliate Partner, CreativeLive.

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