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BusinessAcademy.com is getting ready to launch it's first NEW book series based on excellent:

  • Business principles

  • New ideas 

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to assist you, the small business owner and entrepreneur, in your everyday climb to the top and become The Pinnacle of Success in your business or industry.

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Have You Always Wanted to Write a Book? Get Started Now!

Here is our 'short list' of writer's resources. Click here for more!  

How to Write and Publish an ebook by Tara Gentile

If you’ve been struggling to find the clients, credibility, and cash you really want from your business, writing and publishing a book can turn it all around. In this class, Tara's broken her process down into 5 easy steps: 1. Choose your idea and create an outline. 2 Use what you’ve got to write your book fast. 3 Edit and format your book so you can distribute it on a number of platforms. 4 Publish your book on your own website or Amazon. 5 Market your book and get people reading it. Stop dreaming of becoming a published author some day and start making it happen. A popular course by CreativeLive! Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f910  

Write Your Book: Start Strong and Get it Done! by Jennie Nash

Create a strategic plan to help you realize your book-writing dreams. In this class, you’ll learn how to: Design every element of your novel or memoir, including the protagonist, plot, story structure and a project success plan. Define your narrator’s voice. Determine where your story begins and where it ends. Decide what point you’re making about human nature. Make sure you’re giving your ideal reader exactly what they want. Gain the confidence you need to push past any doubts and finish your book. Highly recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more here:   http://shrsl.com/1f911  

Sell Your First 1000 books by Tim Grahl

Help your book find its audience. In this workshop, self-published author and book marketing expert Tim Grahl will teach you how to help your book find its audience. Book sales depend not only on the quality of your work, but also on the strength of your marketing. You will learn how to develop a strategic outreach plan to engage your current audience and introduce yourself to the right new communities. Tim will also show you how to develop a reliable email list, use content to drive sales, negotiate with publishers. Highly recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more here:  http://shrsl.com/1f914   

How to Write a Blog Post that Drives Traffic by Darren Murph

In this class, Darren will help budding writers and bloggers: Improve your writing skills. Spot the details others are missing. Build a portfolio that's too impressive to ignore. You’ll learn about the inner workings of publications and what editors are looking for in a writer or blogger. Darren will tell you which authors and publications to pay attention to and he’ll explain what kind of, and how much, work is involved in becoming a great writer. You’ll develop more clarity on how to improve, market, and monetize your work. Highly recommended by CreativeLive. Learn more here:   http://shrsl.com/1f918 


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