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Become a Happiness Maker

Become a Happiness Maker! Whether I am going to a particular offline business to get a haircut, a meal, an oil change, a bottle of pain reliever or a quart of milk … leaving there happy is a big part of the equation for me. If I’m searching online for content on how to grow a potted herb garden, paint in watercolors, trade options, or learn how to make a sauce for my salmon … well, again I’m happier if I find those answers, and it all works out well for me. My day is made (more or less), and I can sleep at night.

That’s what people want: no drama, no stress, no confusion, no hassle, no frustration and no voice mail hell! Here’s the mantra that many people are chanting whether they verbalize it or not, “Help me with what I need so I can get on with my day!“ We all have way too much to do, unfortunately!

Establishing your unique brand should be part of your initial business plan and marketing campaign. Remember your mission statement. Creating and sharing your mission statement with your audience builds a common bond. You speak to what customers care about, and that’s a bridge to a better and stronger relationship.



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