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Get Clarity Before You Begin!

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Before you start your first business or restart a seasoned business, know where you are going!

"Start With Your Vision and Work Backwards" Linda L Chappo (From The 13 Deadly Mistakes That Can Destry a Woman's First Business; When Failure is Not an Option."

Clarity is King

It’s a big mistake not to do your research. You need to develop an awareness of where your industry is heading. Ask the important questions, “What is new? What is different? Do I have the skills to implement the new ideas? What is holding me back from starting? Do I have the capital for a start up?” Keep up with trade magazines, speakers in your field and read a lot. Go to conferences. Talk to industry insiders about what’s next. Just as importantly educate yourself about social media. It’s the king these days in business marketing.

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