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Reach Your Primary Objective

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

3 Simple Questions to Ask Your Team!

Discern What is First This Year!

Reach Your Primary Objective; 3 Critical Questions!

Thank you for allowing BusinessAcademy.com to be one of your marketing coaches. We're going to discuss your primary objective and why it's so important to be crystal clear about what it is!

“A primary objective is the one important thing you want to accomplish this year.” Some of my clients have the hardest time choosing “one major thing” they want to happen this year. It's imperative that you are emotionally attached, otherwise you won’t have the motivation to follow through. Start thinking about it now, and make your decision by a set time. Objectives are features and characteristics that can be realistically measured.

Here are some examples:

* Increase the sales of your product – by how much?

* Introduce a new product line or service (Start a Podcast or a new eBook on a popular topic.) – Which one?

* Hire a new employee or help an employee generate more business – One or two or more?

* Remodel your business space – start with a vision. How much can you spend? What more can you fit into your space? How about an updated look on your website or blog?

* Improve your business's image (through a new business card, brochures or a banner).

* Move to a larger location- Do the research. What is the best area close to your target market?

* Speak at 5-10 new events – Who can you contact that has a target market aligned with your product?

Then ask yourself 3 critical questions to help you reach your objectives this year:

1. "Will this help my business to grow?"

2. "Will it give value to consumers?"

3. Is it an objective I am capable of achieving?"

Brainstorm ways to meet your objective (s) and choose promotions that will accomplish what you desire.

This is a cause and effect situation. For everything you cause to happen, there is an effect that happens as a result.

Exercise: Write down your primary objective for this year and brainstorm ways to bring it to fruition.

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