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Your First Keynote Speech

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

By Tom Marcoux "Tidbits of Wisdom"

One of my FB Friends asked about doing one's first keynote speech. I replied: "Ashley, Here are some quick tips:"

1) Identify what best results the audience wants -- and how your speech will help the listeners get them

2) Memorize your first sentence and last sentence -- audiences need to see you demonstrate mastery-in-your-speaking in the beginning and ending

3) realize that the audience is seated as a group but they listen as individuals ... speak directly to the person

4) use the power of story to move their emotions

5) have 3 main points (avoid having too many details -- like the novice speaker who has 8 points and has too little time to cover so many points

6) if you take questions -- do Not end with a Q & A session -- instead, end with power by summarizing your main points and having a compelling finish to your speech.....

A Side Note: if you intend to expand your work as a speaker ... get video testimonials after your speech. When someone praises your speech, ask if that person would share their words in a little video that you'll record on your smartphone. Hand the person the microphone so they place it on their shirt/blouse collar.

Tom Marcoux:

Spoken Word Strategist Tom Marcoux is an Executive Coach and Guest lecturer (STANFORD UNIVERSITY), winner (special award at EMMYS). Tom directed a feature film that went to CANNES FILM MARKET. Author of 47 books, CEO Tom leads teams (U.K., India, USA). (Member, National Speakers Association, over 19 years) Tom guides clients and audiences (Linkedin, Sun Microsystems, IBM and more). The San Francisco Examiner says that Tom is "The Personal Branding Instructor." Tom's popular online course is "The Introvert's Formula to Get Clients" GetTheBigYES.com ... YourBodySoulandProsperity.com (visitors from 101 countries) ... PitchPowerFest.com

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